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Clips for Luggage Tags / Bags

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Luxury gold or silver luggage tag designed with both style and stability in mind. This sturdy, elegant clip combines a classic and modern look with the versatility to latch easily onto handbags, backpacks, and suitcases of every style and color. 

This solid steel clip dons a resplendent gold or silver finish that, along with its solid structure, communicates elegance and luxury. These clips quickly attach to any bag or luggage, and can keep secure your Luggage tags, IDs, Business Cards, Name/Address Cards, Cruise Tickets, Airline Tickets, Event Tickets, and so much more! This quality metal is made from authentic steel, which separates us from other retailers whose handbag accessories are made from aluminum or plastic.

Sizing: The clips come in two sizes, small and large. The small works on thinner hardware such as adding a tag to your Speedy, Alma, or Neverfull (D ring on the leather cinches on the sides). Some bags have thicker hardware, so the large will work on adding a tag to bags such as an Artsy, Delightful Neverfull Handle. 

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